We’ve Got the Dog Waste Bin That’s Right for You and A Few Words on Face Licking

Although we pride ourselves on excellent dog waste bin choices like our tower, we don’t pretend to know everything about dogs. That’s why we’ve done a little research about face licking and what it really means.

Most people who see dogs licking each other assume that it’s a friendly gesture. While that’s usually true, most older dogs tolerate puppies only to a certain extent. The idea is when the puppies are young and exuberant, the older members of any pack will tolerate their behaviour. However, when they get a little older, they’re expected to take part in other forms of greeting.

Incessant Face Licking

Most dogs learn that sniffing each other’s butts is the best way to greet each other in the dog world. Incessant face licking dogs are usually rebuked.

On the other hand, most people enjoy getting a good face wash from their favorite pooch. While the experts don’t see anything wrong with that, they do have a few cautionary notes. For example, if your dog seems overexcited when licking your face, it could be suffering from some kind of anxiety.


As well, friends and relatives might not share your enthusiasm for face licking. If that’s the case, you should make sure Rover doesn’t approach your favorite uncle to offer this kind of greeting.

However, before you get too worried about face licking, there’s something you should know. Other research tells us that dogs like salt and since our faces are generally salty enough for them to lick, it makes a bit of a tasty treat.

Pack Animals

While they are pack animals that show affection by licking, there are a few other reasons why your dog likes to lick himself. This is one of the ways they groom themselves, just like cats. However, if your dog is compulsive about this behaviour, there could be something wrong.

For example, dogs lick themselves to clean wounds and fight off bacteria. If your best friend is paying attention to a certain spot, you should check it out. You might need a trip to the vet.

Variety of Messages

Finally, it’s good to keep in mind there are a variety of messages in a dog’s licking behaviour. When they lick other dogs a certain way, it’s to tell them they submit to the other dog or that they want to be friendly.

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