Practica’s Sponsoring Dog Bag Dispenser provides an opportunity to educate the public, post public notices, promote events and partner with other community organizations, – while offering the possibility of generating income for local efforts.

Sponsoring Dispenser’s Advertising Features

  • Practica’s Sponsoring Dispenser features a welded metal frame on the front measuring approximately 5”x7” / 13cm x 18cm with plexiglass-protected advertising space.
  • Frame easily detaches from inside the Dispenser so advertising information can easily be inserted
  • The unit’s lock is accessed only by the owner’s key so advertisements and notices are protected from misuse

Make your Sponsoring Dispensers and Waste Bins Work for You

  • Educate the Public: Use the advertising space to educate pet owners and park users about responsible pet ownership, proper dog waste disposal, dog licensing, and community events
  • Support Dog Licensing Efforts: Many dog owners are not aware of the value of licensing their pets to keep them safe and healthy. Educate pet owners of the benefits of licensing – ensuring dogs are healthy and vaccinated, that individuals can prove ownership of pets, and lost pets are returned to their owners. Promoting the value of dog licenses not only can help to increase compliance with municipal regulations, but more dog licenses purchased means more funding to help cover the cost of park improvements, funding for animal service departments – and covering the cost of additional Dispensers and Dog Pick Up Bags to service the community.
  • Generate Revenue: collect advertising fees by selling space on Sponsoring Dispensers for amounts that work for you
  • Partner with Community Organizations: Provide opportunities for cooperative efforts to promote community-building

In a survey of their park users, they found:


reported they pick up after their dogs all the time


noticed fellow park users were picking up after their dogs more often


found that humourous educational signs helped encourage people to pick up after their dogs


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