Some Older Dog Exercises from Your Dog Park Amenity Supplier

As your dog park amenity supplier, we want you to know that we love all dogs. In fact, we’re always telling people we meet that older pooches need exercise too.

Here’s some excellent exercises for your older dog to keep their blood flowing.


We put this at the top of the list because it’s important for your older dog’s arthritis. If you know a place where they can take a quick dip in the water, it will help to strengthen their muscles and keep them active at the same time. Remember, it’s best if there’s a shallow end wherever you are. Older dogs tire more quickly and you don’t want to run into any trouble in deeper parts of the lake or pool.

It’s important to keep in mind that your older dog is more sensitive to weather changes too. If you don’t want to go out when the cold weather arrives, there are a few things you can do indoors.

Short Walks

Short walks are important. Most older dogs will prefer to go for several walks over the course of the day. It’s essential that you keep an eye on your senior citizen here. Gauging how much they can actually accomplish is really up to you. It’s a good idea to make a senior dog walk a fair distance but pushing them can make arthritis even worse.

We like to think of ourselves as your dog park amenity supplier regardless of the age of your four-legged best friend. Please keep in mind that we go the extra mile to give you outstanding products. For example, the dog bags we provide are textured to make them easy to open when you’re enjoying a day on the trail with your senior friend.

Revisiting Commands

Staying on top of some of the commands they knew better when they were younger is a good idea for an older dog. This is something you can do during any type of weather.

One of the big bonuses to revisiting the fetch and stay commands is keeping the older dog’s mind active. The big trick here is to keep these sessions just long enough to hold your dog’s attention.

Having an older dog means you can still enjoy the local dog park. As your dog park amenity supplier, we know you can have lots of fun with your pooch as he enters his golden years.