It’s all fun and games until it happens to you.

watch-our-video-now Practica, the difference maker. Keeping dog-owners happy and helping residents enjoy a cleaner environment!

Practica dog waste products encourage responsible ownership and cleaner parks through the use of pick up bag dispensers, pick up bags, waste bins and dog waste stations in general. The presence of Practica products in your local park will remove the excuses of any non-cooperative owner, while simultaneously enforcing the idea that picking up should be a priority for local health and environmental concerns. Currently serving over 400 municipalities from Halifax to Whitehorse, as well as condo owners, veterinarians, dog walkers, private parks, and campgrounds across Canada.


“Over all I feel that this system has helped greatly with the educating of the public and reducing the [dog waste] concerns in our parks.” – City of Halifax


Our Mission

Practica contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment, by providing a complete solution that is easy to maintain year-round. Making our communities a beautiful place to live.

We strive to do what’s right – without compromising quality or customer service.


Our Vision

To enable every public place in Canada to be clean, healthy and safe – thanks to the Practica solution for dog-waste disposal.