Practica’s dog waste disposal products are ideal for municipalities, cities and parks, condos and hotels, campgrounds, veterinary clinics and dog-care facilities, and any other common areas where dogs may spend their time.

Practica’s dog pick up bags, dispensers and waste bin disposal units encourage responsible ownership and cleaner parks and communities by making it easy for pet owners to clean up after their dogs.

These waste solutions help to minimize the spread of bacteria, disease and pollutants from dog waste, and help create and maintain a cleaner, healthier and safer community for everyone to enjoy.


Serving over 400 communities across Canada from Whitehorse to St. Johns, Practica has been providing quality dog waste disposal products for over 20 years. Click below to Order/Buy Now

Dog Waste Bags

Dog Waste Station

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser


“Over all I feel that this system has helped greatly with the educating of the public and reducing the [dog waste] concerns in our parks.” – City of Halifax