Use Our Dog Poop Receptacles and Pick A Name from This List!

You can be environmentally conscious by using our dog poop receptacles. We are always making sure that we do the proper thing for the environment without compromising customer service.

Here at Practica, we are interested in making all of Canada a better place. We have dog poop receptacles that will keep your doggie’s waste from getting into the water supply contaminating the soil.

If you take a minute to look at the resource library and commonly asked questions on our website, you’ll see that dog waste can be a serious health hazard if it’s mishandled. There are quite a few parasites and diseases that can be transmitted through your dog’s waste.

That’s why we’re here to make sure it gets disposed of properly.

That said, we all know how much it means to have a dog in your life. Naming a new pet is part of the big picture and the enjoyment of it all. If you’re looking for a name, here’s a few suggestions for male dogs that we thought you might enjoy.


This is a name that can suit either a male or female dog. It’s popular because it has a nice sound. It’s a great name for a gentle breed like a Golden Retriever or a fun filled active animal like a Lab.

In case you’re wondering, we did a little research to find out the origins of the word. It’s a safe bet to say you’ll put it at the top of the list when you find out it’s Latin and Spanish for beautiful.


We’re betting that most of you who read this can picture the face of at least one dog with this common handle. Like a lot of other names, Bailey has a history that goes way back. At one time, it was even used as a noun for the outside of a castle wall.

From our experience, it’s a great handle for energetic dogs that love people and like to play with other animals.


As hard as people might try to come up with creative names for their dogs, sometimes the traditional ones are best. That said, it should be no surprise that Buddy made our list.

Some of the other more traditional names we put on this list include Max and Molly.

Whatever name you finally choose, please keep in mind our dog poop receptacles and bag dispensers are quality crafted so that they last outdoors in municipal parks through all conditions. Be sure to use our pick-up bags and deposit your dog’s waste where it needs to go.