Here’s Five Reasons This Canadian Dog Bag Supplier Loves Canada

We’ve been a proud Canadian dog bag supplier since 1999. Sure, we came from another country, but we fell in love and stayed that way with this one. When we decided to write a blog about all the things we love about Canada, the reasons came easily. Here are five of the ones that popped right out.

The Landscape

There’s something different and exciting about this country from coast to coast. Here in Ontario there’s so many beautiful lakes, it’s almost impossible to count them all. The landscape of this country is wonderful, magnificent and exciting.

It’s one of the big reasons that we put together some excellent products to keep the Canadian landscape pristine.

The People

If you want to see someone from every corner of the globe, you don’t really need to travel. That’s another reason we fell in love with Canada when we first came here. Multiculturalism is a real smorgasbord of different ideas and cultures.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that everyone gets along and respects each other’s differences here.

Our Reputation

Wherever Canadians go in the world, they are accepted and welcomed. Why? One of the big reasons is they treat everyone else the same way. In fact, people from other countries even sew Canadian flags on their backpacks when they travel.

As a proud Canadian dog bag supplier, we’re proud to be able to ship our products right across this great land. People want to be environmentally friendly in places as far apart as Prince Edward Island and Vancouver Island. They see cleaning up after their dogs as an important part of keeping Canada beautiful.

Small Towns

It doesn’t really matter what part of this country you live in, Canada has a number of beautiful small towns that are unlike anywhere else in the world. Of course, we’re a little partial to Cambridge, Ontario where our offices located, but there are many others.

There’s more than likely a small town close to where you are if you don’t already live in one. That’s where you’ll find a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes Canadians famous worldwide.

Our Flag

People from all over the world learn to associate freedom and a great life with the Canadian flag. It has become much more than just a symbol of our country. It represents a safe haven for people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.

We’re proud to be part of that ideal and your Canadian dog bag supplier of choice.