Pick-up Bags and Three Canine Eating Disorders You Should Know About

What goes in almost always comes back out again and that’s where our pick-up bags come in handy. We have a vision for every public place in Canada including parks and condos as well as schoolyards and sidewalks. We want each and every one of these places to be clean and healthy and free from your dog’s feces.

But did you know that, even a dog that appears to be healthy can have an eating disorder. Here’s five of the most common of these issues.

Not Eating

We’ve all had the kind of dog that skips a meal after eating something in a park that upsets their tummies. However, if your dog stops eating altogether, it’s usually a symptom of a larger problem. When a dog stops eating, other medical problems like distention and a weak heartbeat can follow.

If your dog hasn’t eaten for several days, it’s probably a good idea to take them to your local vet to see what the issue is. Although there are many different reasons for your dog to be off its food, one of the most common reasons is some kind of disease.

Eating Poo

Dogs can eat poop for a number of reasons but it’s almost always a dangerous habit. There are a variety of parasites and other bacteria that can be present in the dung of other dogs or animals.

There are a number of reasons why your dog might eat poop. For example, female dogs generally practice behaviour that protects their puppies from predators. If your dog’s not getting all the nutrition it needs, it might eat its own feces to top up on vitamins and minerals. We’d be joking if we told you your dog would not eat poo anymore if you bought more of our pick-up bags. However, ensuring you pick up after your dog right away does help mitigate this concern.

Over Eating

We’ll bet that many of you are smiling after you read that. However, it is a real problem for dogs. There are a variety of different medical issues that can arise from over eating including joint stress and even kidney problems or liver disease.

It’s important to keep in mind that dogs will eat whenever they are given the opportunity. That means they may appear to be hungry all the time, but if you keep feeding them, you might be hurting the animal’s health.

Keep in mind, a healthy dog eats on a regular basis and relieves itself at the same intervals. Of course, that’s where our pick-up bags come in handy. Be sure to look out for our pick-up bag dispensers if you forgot to bring a bag with you and always pick up after your pet.