Pick-up Bag Dispensers and A Few Words on Shedding

Our clients always tell us two things. One, that our pick-up bag dispensers are invaluable and convenient and two, they can count on a home coated in dog hair every spring. Still, there’s no need to worry about having a house and furniture that is coated in dog hair at this particular time of year. It’s a healthy and natural part of your animal’s routine. Although there’s not a lot you can do to prevent shedding, here’s a few tips on how to make it go easier.

Keep Brushing

The amount of shedding you’ll need to deal with depends on the kind of dog you have. Some dogs shed more than others. There are actually some breeds that have two coats. These lucky dog owners need to understand that brushing is the only way to keep a reasonable limit on the amount of dog hair in your home.

These double coated breeds can actually have knots in their fur if you don’t keep working to keep things untangled. Getting the right tool to look after this type of dog is essential. A long comb or what’s commonly referred to as a rake is the right tool to use here.

Dogs with a short coat need a different type of brush. You can usually find the right kind of bristle brush at your local pet food store. When you are looking for the right tools, while out on a walk, have an eye for our pick-up bag dispensers and waste bins.

Speed Up Shedding?

On the bright side, there seems to be a few different things you can try to speed up the shedding process. Some dog owners swear by supplements like omega-3. They say these little additions to the dog’s food help keep the coat healthy.

The idea is that a healthy coat doesn’t become as matted and it’s easier to brush when shedding time comes.

Finally, shedding doesn’t need to be a bad experience for you and your dog. In fact, a warm bath can help dislodge some of the fur that might otherwise wind up on your carpets or furniture. A quick note of caution. You should always check your four-legged friend after bath time and remove any loose hairs found in their ears or eyes.

Those are some helpful tips for you to deal with shedding. When it comes to dealing with dog waste in your municipal parks, don’t be afraid to talk to a town councillor about Practica’s park amenities. Our pick-up bags, pick-up bag dispensers, dog waste bins and in-ground dog waste containment system are a great addition for any park.