Pet Waste Bags and Treating Anxiety in Dogs

We are always available to help make the planet better with our excellent assortment of pet waste bags and dispensers. We also like to be a reliable resource for dog owners. That’s why we did a little research and came up with some interesting ideas on treating anxiety in dogs.

For example, did you know that:

• There are a variety of symptoms of anxiety disorder in dogs? On the low end of the scale, your pooch might shake and stay close to your leg during a thunderstorm. Anxious dogs may chew furniture or even run around the house uncontrolled.
• Finding the reason why your dog suffers from sound anxiety might not be easy. There are certain breeds like Golden Retrievers that are predisposed to this condition. The answer could very well be something as simple as your dog being too close to fireworks as a puppy. Being able to pinpoint the cause might take a little sleuthing on your part.
• Talking to your veterinarian is a great way to find a variety of different treatments for your animal. Remember, each dog is different. What might work for one dog won’t necessarily work for another. It’s a good idea to have a full complement of our pet waste bags on hand just in case your dog has an accident during this process.

Some of the more common treatments include desensitizing your dog to the noise that bothers them the most. If you can stay with them in an enclosed area, you can introduce them to that noise in small doses. By gradually exposing them more and more, they become comfortable hearing the sound in your company.

Another one of the common treatments are pressure fitting vests you can buy at your local pet food store. These go around the dog’s torso and apply a gentle comforting pressure that soothes them during a thunderstorm or fireworks show.

If your dog suffers from a severe case of this disorder, your veterinarian should be able to suggest an effective medication. Generally, there are two different types. One is given during the type of event where your dog feels stressed. The other is given at regular intervals for the duration of the dog’s life.

Treating your dog well is a big responsibility. As far as their feces are concerned, our pet waste bags are an important part of making sure their walking environment is kept clean.