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#NoHotPets – Let’s Have A Summer Without This Problem!

Seemingly every year we hear stories about dogs being left in vehicles on hot sunny days.  The facts are simple, in hot weather, your dog can be in grave danger very quickly if they are left in a vehicle.  Temperatures in a car can rise to deadly levels in less than 10 minutes!  Our dogs are our most loyal friends.  They stand by us every day and always make us feel good.  They mourn with us, play with us and make our lives better everyday.  Make sure to return that loyalty by taking good care of your pet.  Don’t leave your dog in the car, even if it is only for a couple minutes. If you see a pet suffering because they’ve been left in a vehicle, contact the authorities and get help immediately!  There is no excuse for abuse and this is not a new problem. Let’s eradicate this problem this year, as our Prime Minister would say, “Because it’s 2016”.