5 Things You Need to Know About Dog Waste and Bio-degradable Poop Bags

Being environmentally friendly means picking up after your dog and placing the waste in the correct receptacle. Just because the bag has printing that says bio-degradable, does not mean that you can throw it on the ground like a banana peel. Be careful when looking at bags labeled as bio-degradable and do some research about how they break down. Always compare ASTM standards to really know what is going on. Dog owners are always looking to do the right thing. Here’s five reasons you always need to pick up your dog waste and always dispose of it in the proper receptacle whether it’s labelled bio-degradable or not.

Dog Poop Gets Carried Away

If you don’t pick up your dog poop, the contaminants and harmful bacteria are carried away into the water table. Storm water particularly can carry it into areas where it can cause contamination.

Dog Poop Hurts Fish

Your dog’s feces can actually hurt fish and other kinds of wildlife. The reason is dog poo is rich in nitrogen, causing algae blooms and lowering the oxygen levels to a point lower than what aquatic animals need to survive.

Dog Poop Can Cause Disease

Contaminated dog feces can be harmful. That means your dog’s poop can transmit a number of diseases like salmonella and roundworms. Even dog owners are susceptible to some of these diseases. Along with certain threats to you and your family, there are other diseases like parvovirus. All good reasons to pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in the proper receptacle even if you are using so called bio-degradable poop bags. Never leave it on the ground!

Dog Poop Smells

Aside from the disease and the possibility of contaminating the water table, dog feces smells when it is not picked up. Anyone who has ever been to a dog park on a hot summer day has caught the stench left by someone who hasn’t picked up what their dog left behind.

Not only is there an odor, there are also several health issues when people don’t pick up after their dogs.

If you’re wondering why we started this environmentally friendly business, you’ll find one very good reason on our website. Fred the Beagle was our dog and the founder of our company at the same time. We miss him every day and treasure the time we spent together. You can help us cherish his memory by picking up after your own dog using our poop bags and remember if you’re using a bag that is printed bio-degradable it still needs to go in the bin.

Rats and Coyotes Are Attracted Dog Poo

Maybe one of the best reasons to make sure to clean up after your dog is their poo attracts some unwanted guests. In fact, there’s lots of research to indicate rats and coyotes in particular are attracted to dog feces. We can’t think of a worse way to ruin the atmosphere in your local dog park than by inviting these guests to roam there. You probably can’t either.

All these problems that we’ve listed have an easy fix. Being a responsible pet owner is good for you and your dog, as well as everyone else in your community. Check out our oxo-biodegradable bags today and be sure to compare the ASTM standards if there is another company claiming their bags are bio-degradable. Chances are they are made of the same material. Don’t be misled by other companies talking about bio-degradable bags and always dispose of Fido’s waste in the proper receptacle.