Practica is a Canadian-owned and operated company, proud to manufacture all of our high-quality products right here in Canada. The Practica Waste Disposal Solution can be found in every Canadian Province and Territory, and every day more people are using it in more communities across the country.

Practica offers a simple-yet-effective system: an easy-to-use dispenser combined with waste bin and convenient pick-up bags for Municipalities, Parks, Condominium Complexes, Veterinarians, Hotels, Marinas, Camp grounds. Helping to keep your community a beautiful place.

Dog-owners appreciate the Practica difference and residents enjoy a cleaner environment. The water-and-tear-resistant waste disposal bag is much smaller than a standard grocery bag. With just one fold, it fits easily into the dog-walker’s pocket, making it easy to keep neighbourhoods clean and beautiful!

Deeply committed to protecting the environment, Practica pick-up bags contain recycled material.