Shop Through Our Dog Bag Dispensers and Check Out These Best Family Breeds

If you check our website you’ll see that our dog bag dispensers have found their way to places like Edmonton, Charlottetown and even Iqaluit! We’re proud of the socially responsible way we approach owning a pet.

That’s why we’ve put together the best family breeds in case you’re on the fence about your next dog.

The Beagle

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the Beagle is considered one of the friendliest dogs around. That makes them a perfect fit for your family and a great playmate for your children. These dogs are energetic. Although they can be a little stubborn from time to time, these dogs will be a great addition to your household.

Boston Terrier

Don’t let the small size fool you, these dogs are very energetic and intelligent at the same time. There’s no problem with aggression with these pint-size terriers and they will love everyone in your family equally.

We like to pride ourselves on thinking of everything to help you and your pet enjoy a wonderful life together. That’s why we hope you will talk to your local councillor about our excellent dog bag dispensers and other accessories for your local park.

We’re committed to bringing our eco-friendly dog bag dispenser to your municipality to help ensure a clean environment. Along with enjoying a lovely life with your four-legged best friend, we are committed to making the earth a better place to live.

Of course, that includes supplying our valued clients with interesting information like the top family dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

When you ask most people what they consider to be the best family dog of all time, the Golden Retriever tops the list. They have many different things going for them. These dogs are easy to train and have a wonderful temperament for children and other pets.

This is one breed that consistently places near the top of any list of family-friendly dogs. If you’re looking for a pet to grow up with your children and be a great companion to them, this is it.

Irish Wolfhound

Sometimes where your family is concerned, bigger is better. The Irish Wolfhound is a big family-friendly breed that can reach up to 180 lbs. Even though this breed was initially bred to fight wars, it’s evolved into a wonderfully friendly dog. They do need some exercise from time to time, but that should be good for any children you have as well!

Once you make a decision on the breed that’s best for your family, don’t forget to pick up some of our dog bags and look for our waste bins on your walks. Order 500 or 1000 Practica pick-up bags for your home and be sure to deposit Rover’s waste in one of our made in Canada dog poop receptacles.