Dog Waste Stations and A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Doggie Doo

From dog waste stations to tools that you can use to pick up your doggie’s poo without ever touching it, there’s a big industry around what comes out of the tail end of your pooch. In fact, you can even build a case that some people (like us) are a little obsessed with dog droppings.

That said, we’ve put together a list of five things you probably didn’t know about doggie poo.

It’s Not Good for The Planet

Everyone knows that when dogs smell, it can make a backyard less enjoyable and the inside of a house intolerable. However, we’re willing to bet that a fair amount of the people reading this didn’t know that dog waste is bad for the planet.

The more you pick up what your dog leaves behind, the less chance there is of your local water supply getting contaminated with bad bacteria. When you consider that your dog’s waste can contain a number of different bad bacteria carrying things like heartworm and even E. coli, it’s easy to see why you should pick up after your pooch.

Dog Doo Can Be Used As Fuel

Not everything is bleak when it comes to what your dog leaves behind on a nice romp in the park. We were happy to find out that not all of your dog’s waste needs to wind up in the local landfill. In fact, it can be used as fuel!

In an episode that the Mythbusters were testing a gummi bear powered rocket, Jamie decided to also test if he could power a rocket with dog poop, and it worked! Launching at high speed, nearly 3000 feet in the air, the poop rocket came up just a little bit short of the control rocket that was launched with traditional rocket fuel. No doubt there are more ideas out there for something as full of potential energy as dog poop, we just have to be innovative enough. But don’t forget the first step is getting it off the ground. Stop at a Canadian made Practica dog waste station to grab a bag from our dog bag dispensers. If there happens to be a Practica dog waste bin or Sutera in-ground dog waste containment system, put it to good use! Fido’s fecal matter might provide electricity for your home. Poop Happens, so let’s put it to good use!

Practica has been in the business of providing our valued clients with the tools and products they need to pick up their dog’s business since 2000. We love all kinds of dogs and provide our valued clients with everything they need. We are strong advocates of being a responsible pet owner and our dog waste stations are environmentally friendly.