5 Training Tips to Go with Dog Waste Disposal Techniques

There’s lots to learn when you get a new furry friend and dog waste disposal techniques that are good for the environment is just one aspect. For you and your pooch to live together in harmony, you’ll need to understand each other and that means training your dog.

Here’s five training tips to get you started on that lifelong relationship.

Pick the Right Name

You want to pick a name for your new dog that they will remember and you’ll love. However, you need to think beyond the emotional tie and choose one that can help you when it comes to training. It should be short, and begin with a consonant that’s powerful. That way, you’ll say it the same way time and time again and your new puppy will hear it and learn to identify it quickly.

Make Him a Room

The chances are you’ll have a hard time leaving that new puppy alone for even a minute. However, you need to remember he needs a room of his own that mimics a natural den. This should be a place that’s not being used for anything else.

The new puppy will love those moments of safety and comfort in his own new space. If you choose to use a crate like a lot of other dog owners, this spot will become an instrumental part of being able to house train your new friend. Don’t forget our dog waste disposal bags are textured for easy opening.

Make Up the Rules

As much as you love your new puppy and want him to be comfortable, you need to make up some rules too. Otherwise, your dog will be ruling your home in no time. It’s a good idea to decide on these house rules before you bring your new puppy home.

Planning for your new arrival can be a big task. You’ll need to set down some rules for the puppy and start outfitting your home too. Make sure that you have lots of Practica dog waste bags on hand and be prepared to go for a walk. Hopefully your condo building, or local Municipal dog park has dog park amenities like the Practica waste bin tower which is attractive and functional at the same time.

Teach Your New Pal to Come to You

It’s important to teach your new dog the basics. They need to come to you when they’re called. Not only is this the first step in a loving relationship between you and your animal, it could save their life if they ever slip the lead on a busy road.

Finally, remember to always carry Practica bags with you and remind talk to your local town councillors about our dispensers, waste bins, and pick-up bag programs in order to promote ecofriendly dog waste disposal.