In-Ground Dog Waste Containment System (Item 800)

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As Featured on CBC News:
Waterloo To Turn Dog Poop into Power

  Specification Sheet (PDF, 5.1 MB)


Parks and urban spaces are packed with more dogs than ever before, and as we know, Poop Happens!  Dog waste is loaded with bacteria that is toxic to humans and other dogs, and it contributes to the contamination of waterways.  In order to keep millions of pounds of dog waste from going into landfills, Sutera has developed an In-Ground Dog Waste Containment system, designed to divert dog waste out of the landfill, and redirect it to local bio-digesters to produce energy and fertilizer!  These systems can be serviced by vertical lift of a containment bag, or by vacuum.  With a large catch basin, these containment systems are great for saving the labor costs of constantly emptying heavy garbage containers overflowing with dog waste.  The in-ground unit is also cool and dark, virtually eliminating any odor issues.  When Poop Happens, use the Sutera In-Ground Dog Waste Containment System, and make Poop Power!  Contact us today for more information!