An Easy Way to Pay for Your Practica Dispensers and Bags

Licencing has never been more important.

Did you know that right now in Canada, approximately 41% of households have at least one pet dog? That’s 8.2 million dogs and counting.

Not only does licencing keep dogs safe and healthy, but it can help pay for your Practica dispensers too. If your city adds just $1-2 to your licensing fee, you could bring in extra revenue to help cover the cost of your dispensers, bag refills, and park improvements.

Animal Services can collect their regular portion while Parks & Recreation collects the add-on dollars. You can also use the sponsoring dispensers to promote the value of dog licences and increase compliance. In the end, both departments win as more licences are sold and the municipality brings in additional dollars.

For the last 5 years we have had about 25 Practica dispensers throughout our trail and park system. The Practica system is well used (over 100,000 bags each year), is durable and has drastically reduced the problem of dog waste being left on the ground in public spaces. The pricing is fair and delivery is fast. I highly recommend the Practica system.

City of Fredericton, NB
Community Services Department, Parks & Trees Division

I would like to take this opportunity to express the success we have achieved with your dog feces collection bags and dispensers. We have installed several dispensers in our major parks. Once the public became accustomed to having the steady availability and convenience of these units, the usage grew. After a relatively short time our staff began to report that the bags were showing up kilometres away from the dispensers. This has led to purchase of additional units and a positive response for our dog owners. Over all I feel that this system has helped greatly with the educating of the public and reducing the feces concerns in our parks.

Halifax, NS – Public Works and TransportationMunicipal Operations


Practica is a Canadian-owned company that’s committed to keeping the environment clean with our innovative dog waste solutions. Ideal for municipalities, city parks, condos, hotels, and veterinary clinics, Practica bag dispensers and disposal units minimize the spread of bacteria, disease, and pollutants from dog waste. Practica makes it easy for pet owners to pick up after their dogs and helps create a healthier community for everyone to enjoy.


In fact, DocuPet estimates only 8-12% of pet owners license their dogs. Educating your community is a great way to increase compliance and earn revenue for your city.


You can avoid a hefty fine from the municipality by licensing your dog.

Revenue from dog licences provides much-needed funding for animal service departments

Dog tags are an effective way to make sure lost pets will be returned to their owners

Without a licence, there’s no way to prove you own your dog, meaning you’ll have to adopt it back once it’s in a shelter

Licensing helps ensure dogs are healthy and vaccinated

Looking for ways to inform local dog owners about the value of licences? You can use the advertising window on your Practica sponsoring dispenser to share the benefits. We can even send you educational decals for your unit!

To learn more about Practica and how you can make dog licensing work for you, contact us today!