Make Your Dispensers Work for You

Licencing has never been more important.

Our sponsoring dispenser features a 4.75” x 7.25” display window for advertisements, offering a unique opportunity for local businesses to promote their products, services, and events, while the your municipality collects the ad revenue. Ads are easy to swap if new sponsors come on board.



Once you’ve purchased your sponsoring bag dispensers, you can choose an advertising fee that works for you. For example, if you sell 10 ads at $200 per year, your municipality can generate an additional $2,000 for your parks department. That covers the cost of 30 boxes of refill bags for your Practica dispensers – more than enough for the year!

It’s a great way for your advertising partners to target local dog owners and an even better way for you to generate revenue and put your Practica dispensers to use at virtually no cost.

Just getting started with your sponsoring unit?

Consider partnering with these local businesses in your community:


Pet supply stores

Dog walkers


Real estate agents

You can also use the advertising space to educate park users about dog licensing, responsible pet ownership, proper dog waste disposal, and community events. Contact us to learn more about Practica’s sponsoring bag dispensers.

Practica Limited came up top in my research for Canadian as well as North American dogs’ off-leash products. These products are researched and designed to meet a high level of standards including but not limited to: aesthetic, environmental, ergonomic and maintainable functions. In working with Practica they were able to not just meet but exceed my expectations with personal interaction and design review that met the customer’s needs and fit in with the park’s design philosophy. That means function and fit as well as seamless delivery of the product in a timely fashion. In dealing with these folks for over 7 years they have never once let me down and in fact have surprised me with innovations that have continually improved my service delivery. Thank you Practica.

City of Edmonton, AB – Parks Initiatives Coordinator

I would like to take this opportunity to express the success we have achieved with your dog feces collection bags and dispensers. We have installed several dispensers in our major parks. Once the public became accustomed to having the steady availability and convenience of these units, the usage grew. After a relatively short time our staff began to report that the bags were showing up kilometres away from the dispensers. This has led to purchase of additional units and a positive response for our dog owners. Over all I feel that this system has helped greatly with the educating of the public and reducing the feces concerns in our parks.

Halifax, NS – Public Works and TransportationMunicipal Operations


Practica is a Canadian-owned company that’s committed to keeping the environment clean with our innovative dog waste solutions. Ideal for municipalities, city parks, condos, hotels, and veterinary clinics, Practica bag dispensers and disposal units minimize the spread of bacteria, disease, and pollutants from dog waste. Practica makes it easy for pet owners to pick up after their dogs and helps create a healthier community for everyone to enjoy.