Part 2 of Practica’s “Christmas Vacation” Holiday Pet Tips

The holidays can be pretty hectic with pets in the house. ¬†Last week we talked about some important tips to keep your dogs safe around the dinner table. ¬†Tuck those turkey bones and tying strings away and out of reach. ¬†Make sure your guests are aware that they shouldn’t feed the dog from the table. ¬†Items like turkey skin, gravy, and onions are all harmful and a potential mess waiting to happen. ¬†This week we’ll add a few more food facts and talk about some other preventative measures you can take to avoid a National Lampoons level disaster!

“He drank a half quart of penzoil… When he lifted his leg the next morning.. Whoo Hoo”

While these food items are a little bit more common knowledge, it is important to reiterate the dangers. Chocolate, grapes, and coffee beans can easily roll off of a counter top or be left unattended. ¬†Make sure that you and your guests are aware of the danger to your dog and that everyone is careful. ¬†Last but certainly not least, DON’T GIVE YOUR PETS ALCOHOL! ¬†This should be painfully obvious, but there is sometimes that guest that lacks a little bit of judgement, and thinks it’s funny to get the dog drunk. ¬†It’s not funny, it’s not fair to the poor dog that has no choice, and it’s animal abuse. ¬†Please treat the dogs at the party with respect and be careful with your food and drink.

cousin eddie

“Relax Clark, a little tree water ain’t gonna hurt him”

Whether there is a squirrel in your tree, or perhaps just some enticing ornaments, things can go wrong in a hurry. ¬†Curious pets may be tempted enough to try climbing the tree, and will likely at least nose around it. ¬†To avoid a tree disaster, make sure that it is anchored, or at least that the base is solid and balanced. ¬†Fragile ornaments can break into small and sharp pieces. ¬†Make sure to hang those types of ornaments closer to the top of the tree, out of reach from curious pets. ¬†Lastly, if you have a dog roaming the house, you are best not to use any chemical additives in your tree water. ¬†These additives can be harmful to dogs, and dogs are likely to test the water if they find it. ¬†To be safe though, best to do some seasonal training to keep the dog away from the tree all together, especially if it’s name happens to be Louis!

Uncle Louis

“If That thing had nine lives, she just spent’em all.. Whew!”

Use a few preventative measures to avoid some potential pet trouble with lights, cords, and candles. Your pets may decide that chewing on extension cords seems like a good idea. ¬†However, you will not want them to learn the hard way that it’s not. ¬†So grab some tape to secure and cover any extension cords running along the floor. ¬†It could save grandma from a nasty trip and fall too. ¬†There are also pet proof cords that are available on the market, or sprays that act as a deterrent for pets that want to chew on cords. ¬†Candles are another regularly used decoration over the holidays. ¬†They are wonderful in the right circumstances, but not so good when misplaced. ¬†Make sure to keep candles out of the way of either playing pets or wagging tails to avoid a Griswoldian holiday tragedy.

christmas vacation

“She wrapped up her damn cat”

New pets are a popular gift this time of year. ¬†Just make sure that you and your family are ready for the commitment. ¬†We don’t need to end up with any more homeless pets if someone decides that it’s too much work. ¬†One good option is to wrap up an adoption kit that includes some toys, a leash, food bowls, etc. ¬†This way the receiver of the gift will be able to help pick out their dog of choice, and you can discuss the responsibilities before hand to plan accordingly. ¬†Always remember that adoption is a great option. ¬†What better gift to give a dog for the holidays, than a new home and loving family!

wrapped up her cat

“That’s the gift that keeps on givin, the whole year”

Last but certainly not least, our last tip for a happy holiday season, is to be safe, have fun, and give a little bit back to the community. ¬†Not only are many dogs in shelters awaiting the homes of loving and prepared families, but many charities are also always in need of volunteers and donations. ¬†Check out our blog about dog guides (Click for Link)¬†and read about the awesome work that is done by organizations such as the Lions Foundation for Canada Dog Guides (Click for Link). ¬†Practica would like to wish you, your family, and your dogs, the hap hap happiest Christmas since… well you know the rest. ¬†Enjoy the holidays everyone and have a happy New Year!

merry christmas