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    4 Reasons Picking Up After Your Dog Is More Important Than You Think!

    There are a few misconceptions out there about picking up dog poop, and they need to be addressed.  Picking up after your dog is an important task that is part of responsible pet ownership.  In this week’s blog, we’ll touch on a few misconceptions and reasons why it is important to clean up after your […]

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  • biogas

    Dog Poop Hydro? Fecal Fuel? Your Dog’s Doo Is a Big Deal

    We should all know by now how important it is that we pick up our dog’s poop instead of leaving it on the ground.  Dog waste will pollute water, leave harmful bacteria and disease for other dogs and humans, and ruin the day of anyone that happens to step in it.  But what kind of […]

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  • Practica’s List of Do’s and Don’ts for Grooming Your Dog

    There are some simple ways to help ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy.  One of the staples of being a responsible pet owner is taking care of regular grooming duties, or at least taking your dog to the professional groomer regularly.  Regular grooming helps to keep your pet clean healthy and happy.  Grooming […]

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  • dog adoption

    The Adoption Option – Making a Dog Your Newest Family Member

    Bringing a dog into your life and home is a big commitment.  You need to plan ahead before rushing into a decision.  Your lifestyle, household dynamic and your cash flow will all see some changes.  The size of those adjustments will depend on the decisions that you make ahead of time.  Be sure to consider […]

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  • 5 Essential Winter Dog Care Tips For Cold Weather

    Our winter season can be harsh, and the cold weather certainly seems to be taking hold.  As the sub-zero temperatures set in we are feeling the cold, and our dogs are too!  We prepare ourselves with warm coats, winter tires, and rustproofing, but it is essential that we prepare our dogs too!  Check out the […]

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  • Part 2 of Practica’s “Christmas Vacation” Holiday Pet Tips

    The holidays can be pretty hectic with pets in the house.  Last week we talked about some important tips to keep your dogs safe around the dinner table.  Tuck those turkey bones and tying strings away and out of reach.  Make sure your guests are aware that they shouldn’t feed the dog from the table. […]

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  • A “Christmas Vacation” Guide to Holiday Dinner with your Dog

    Getting the family together for a big dinner over the holidays is always a big highlight of the season.  But just ask Clark Griswold and he’ll be able to tell you that sometimes pets can complicate things.  With that in mind, we have a few very simple tips to keep your dog happy and healthy […]

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  • guide dogs

    5 Kinds of Dog Guides You Don’t Hear About and How You Can Help

    When people think of dog guides, they often think of “seeing eye dogs” or vision guide dogs.  These dog guides assist visually impaired people navigate their everyday surroundings and help to keep them safe.  However, service dogs do not just assist the visually impaired.  There are a number of different functions that our K9 friends […]

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  • 5 Reasons Dog Licenses Are Important to Dog Owners and Municipalities

    It is commonly thought by many dog owners that municipal dog licenses are “a waste of money”, or “just another cash grab”. However, have you ever really thought about what that money goes towards? Why municipalities mandate that our pets are licensed? Or what happens if your pet runs away? But my pet will never […]

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  • 5 Keys To Happy Healthy Apartment Living For Dogs

    1. Selecting the right breed for your living space There is no doubt that selecting the appropriate breed to suit your living space is the most important key to happy apartment living with your pet. Selection of the appropriate breed is not just important to keep you happy, it is essential for keeping a happy […]

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  • #NoHotPets – Let’s Have A Summer Without This Problem!

    Seemingly every year we hear stories about dogs being left in vehicles on hot sunny days.  The facts are simple, in hot weather, your dog can be in grave danger very quickly if they are left in a vehicle.  Temperatures in a car can rise to deadly levels in less than 10 minutes!  Our dogs […]

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  • Attention Property Managers!!!

    Practica Ltd. is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Poop Patrol Inc. to provide waste bin and bag dispenser service to property management groups across south-central Ontario!  Using Practica Ltd. dispensers, waste bins and pick-up bags in your shared space has never been easier.  After installing your selection of dispensers and/or waste […]

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